Choosing cellulite treatment

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Choosing the Cellulite Treatment That’s Best for You.

Are you looking to rid yourself of cellulite, or reduce its appearance?. If so, you might be overwhelmed by the treatments available out there. What works?. What can you afford?. Does exercise help?. Following is an evaluative list of some cellulite treatment options to help you choose what’s right for you.


There are exercises that are reputed to help reduce cellulite. Some kind of cardiovascular exercise is considered the best start; it boosts your metabolism and helps circulation (more about circulation’s role in cellulite later). Cardiovascular exercises like jogging, brisk walking, swimming, etc. get the muscles warmed up and ready for toning.

Following cardio, target toning may help reduce cellulite. Exercises that work the back of the arms, buttocks, inner thighs, backs of the legs and belly are best, as this is where cellulite tends to occur. Wherever you tend to have cellulite, use light weights and toning exercises on that area.

Exercises to reduce cellulite can be done in your home via DVD, video, or online tutorials. Or, you can join a class or gym. The exercise option is perhaps the most individualized approach, and a large or small budget can accommodate some form of anti-cellulite exercise.


It could be said that combining exercise (see above), with diet is the best combination for combating cellulite. Experts say that a diet high in unhealthy fats (fats that are solid at room temperature, trans fats, and so forth) can contribute to cellulite, but a diet rich in healthy fats (Omega 3s, Omega 6s, and other essential fatty acids) may actually help reduce cellulite and prevent its formation. Apparently, when you consume healthy fats, you contribute to the healthy appearance of the skin and the fat cells beneath it.

Lean protein, whole grains (for fiber and key nutrients), and lots of plant-based foods is probably your best bet for an anti-cellulite diet. Just changing your diet is probably not going to make all you cellulite magically disappear. However, it may contribute significantly to an overall regimen to reduce cellulite.


Poor circulation may contribute to cellulite formation. As noted above, exercise is a good way to boost your cardiovascular system, and target toning can enhance circulation right where the cellulite is. Massage may have a similar effect, bringing blood to the affected area and enhancing skin tone.

Because cellulite is said to be an issue of skin as well as the fat layer beneath, massage can address both of these areas. Many home cellulite massagers are available on the market – perhaps the least expensive is a hand-held device meant to be used in the shower on wet, soapy skin. There are also electrical massagers available, and even spa treatments with professional massage.

Creams and Scrubs.

Whether you go with homemade creams and scrubs or commercial ones, such topical treatments are said to be most effective when combined with other approaches. Anti-cellulite scrubs can help enhance circulation, as can “wraps,” where you apply a cream to the area and wrap it in plastic wrap. Creams often contain caffeine which is said to tighten up the skin.

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