Ways on how you can manage rosacea at home

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Ways On How You Can Manage Rosacea At Home. Rosacea is one disease that can be managed at home. It cannot be cured, mind you but at least people can do things to avoid flare ups. In fact, some people do not even realize they have rosacea because they avoid their rosacea triggers without knowing that they are doing it. This is partly because symptoms are highly irregular and there are a host of triggers that can cause the flare ups. Thus, people do not often see the connection immediately. It is important though that once you see the connection, you get help immediately or start to manage the flare ups because the condition has been known to worsen with age especially when it is left untreated for a long time.

Rosacea is more common in women than in men and unlike acne, it often affects people who are older. The good news is, there seems to be no evidence that it is transmitted from person to person. The bad news is, doctors still do not know how it appears in the first place. There are a lot of theories but no confirmed cause.

To those who want no more of the flare ups, here are some of the ways that you can manage your rosacea without going to the doctor all the time.

1. Avoid sunlight. This is the number one trigger of rosacea flare ups. Sun exposure, hit weather and sunbathing can cause those redness on the skin. So if you plan to go outside, bring sun protection like an umbrella, a hat, even a shawl, sunglasses and sunscreen.

2. Avoid spicy foods. Chili sauce may be your staple for ever meal but if you want to control your rosacea better steer clear of those spices.

3. Be observant of your flare ups. There are foods that can trigger rosacea break outs. The list of food products is long and to be honest it can be anything on your table. Known triggers are dairy products, some veggies like eggplants, beans and spinah some fruits like avocados, plums, raisins and other citrus fruits, and some meats. Add to that common staples like coffee and other caffeine loaded products, cheese and even soy sauce and you are covering virtually everything on the menu. Chocolates and alcoholic drinks are also common triggers.

4. Stop smoking. Here is mother reason why you should pack away those cigarette packs. You are not only in danger of getting emphysema and tuberculosis and other problems in the lungs, you can also develop rosacea.

5. Get treated. If these things do not help you control your break outs, then it is time to go to the expert. Doctors can give you medicines to control flare ups. There are also treatments available that will help you deal permanently with your problem. Topical steroids for instance are often prescribed to rosacea patients for a few months. This medicine, however, is closely monitored by doctors since it can cause irritation around the mouth, which is a very common side effect.

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