Body care more tips on getting the most of your fake tan

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More Tips on Getting the Most of Your Fake Tan.

Any treatment that you give your skin after application of the fake tan will obviously affect it.

If you exfoliate your skin after having applied a fake tan then there is a possibility that it could make the tan look streaky.

When applying your tan try to do it in a relaxed manner.

If you don’t have enough time to apply the tan evenly over your whole body then postpone it until you have sufficient time.

There are two reasons why I say this;.

If you’re applying the tan in a rushed manner then you are unlikely to blend it correctly for it to look natural.

The second reason is when you’re rushing you’re more likely to perspire.

When you perspire this can have a reaction with tan and result in a color that is not quite what you want.

Always give the tan time to dry before getting dressed.

If this is not possible then wear light baggy clothing that will allow the tan to dry without causing marks.

Be aware that shaving can also cause the tan to look streaky so if you do need to shave any parts of the body do so before applying the tan.

Moisturizing twice a day will help to prolong the time your tan will last.

As the tan begins to fade there are products on the market that contain levels of self tanner.

These are great for topping up your tan.

Another trick that you can use is to mix a small portion of the self tanning cream with your normal body cream.

This is actually quite a good trick that can be used on its own.

If you haven’t used a fake tan before and are unsure about the application and how it will look, using a combination of the tan mixed with your favorite body cream can help you to add color to your skin more slowly.

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