Physiology of massage

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Your state of mind is of prime consideration while you are giving massage to someone with the objective of relieving the receivers body from pain and tension. This is because until and unless your mind and feelings are not pure in nature you will transmit your tension to receivers body. Before giving a massage you should first of all watch your vibrations. If vibrations in your hand and other parts of body are rapid because of emotional upsets you should not give massage and should postpone the schedule to some other day. Example You should not give massage while you are yourself affected from cold or flu because you may infect the receiver body. The objective is before giving a massage to someone elses body you should be first calm yourself. When you will have peace in your mind then you will be able to give relief through massage to other person.

The most basic rule to give massage is let your instincts be your guide. While giving massage if you suddenly feel that you should touch a particular receivers body in a particular way then you should not hesitate in doing that. Give a touch to that particular part of receivers body with proper stroke and pressure as soon as it is calling you with the aim of relieving it. You should be pure in heart and should have peace of mind while giving massage this means that do not let your ego penetrate between you and your receiver. While giving a massage someone first locate problem area and then try to give relief by giving proper required stroke or application of pressure but if receiver is not relieved from pain after reasonable amount of time then abandon your efforts for a while and return to that area after sometime and then again put your efforts in achieving your aim this can be done several times in one massage if receivers body requires it.

Many people try to engrave their fears and tensions within themselves with the hope that these fears and tensions may remain hidden from the entire world and from themselves also but this is not the fact. Though these fears and tensions may remain hidden for a while but will surely return in more dangerous manner in form of pains or body aches and the sufferer will not be able to predict the real problem this time. An intelligent massage therapist can communicate with tensions and can end these tensions by their magical massage.

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