Pig farming

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Many people reject eating pork and other meats derived from pigs for religious reasons or health reasons. When people start eating a more vegetarian diet, red meat is usually the first thing they eliminate from their diets. When they do, various health indicators generally start to improve, such as their cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings. Health is one of the most compelling reasons to eat vegetarian, but the inhumane treatment of the animals mass-produced for human consumption is another reason many people are rejecting a carnivorous diet.

Pig farming follows the same processes that chicken farming and other animal farming employ. The pigs are kept in small crates with limited movement. Theyre overfed so they can be slaughtered more quickly. Their living conditions can be dirty and theyre fed growth hormones to stimulate weight gain and antibiotics to ward off diseases that are the results of their living conditions.

Theyre forced to live in unnatural conditions and they exhibit signs of chronic stress that other animals produced for human food do. They chew on the bars of their cages or worry with their water bottles excessively. Their limited range of movement prevents the rooting behavior thats natural for a pig.

The pigs pay an extremely high price to feed us. And we pay a high price for eating pork and other red meat. Were basically not made to eat meat. Our teeth werent developed to rip and tear meat. We evolved from herbivores and its still the better way for us to eat. When we eliminate red meat and other meats and animal products from our diet, we get healthier more lean and fit, less tired and sluggish. And theres the added psychological benefit of knowing that were not contributing to the suffering of innocent animals.

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