Choosing a pilates how to dvd

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Choosing A Pilates How To DVDPilates how to videos and DVDs are becoming more and more popular, as more people discover the benefits of Pilates movements. Pilates is a low-impact workout that’s perfect for people who have had injuries. Unlike some exercises that can reinjure a person’s back or joints or at the very least cause pain, Pilates tends to help prevent injury by strengthening a person’s core muscles. Pilates how to DVDs are a great way to start learning this beneficial exercise.

But there are few things more disappointing than purchasing a Pilates how to DVD or any workout DVD only to get it home and find it’s not for you. We’ve all done it—you pop it in the player excited to start the workout, and within 10 minutes you’re discouraged.

Either the instructor is the most fit person on the planet and you can’t possibley keep up with all those movements, or the workout is just too strenuous. Some workouts even designed for beginners can be too hard for someone who hasn’t exercised in a long time.

Pilates how to DVDs are different, though, so there is less chance you’ll become discouraged. The very nature of Pilates minimizes the chance that you’ll want to turn it of in disgust or disappointment after only 10 minutes.

Not only are Pilates movements something almost everyone can do, there should be no strain or difficulty when making the movements. The whole concept of Pilates is gentle, and the movements are so precise and controlled that it doesn’t take many repetitions of each movement to get the full benefit.

A Pilates how to video or even a book can show you the proper form for these movements. Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates, who also designed the Reformer, the machine on which the movements were to be made. Pilates has become a phenomenon, though, without the machine, as the movements done on their own offer the same benefits.

You can use resistance bands, balance balls or a Pilates ring to add more benefit to your workout. But even if you just do the movements themselves while tensing your muscles and focusing on the movements, you’ll reap the rewards of this excellent exercise.

Pilates how to instruction should be easy to follow, because there really aren’t any complicated moves in Pilates. The movements should all feel relatively natural to you, and not be painful to do. If you’re experiencing pain (unless it’s just a little muscle soreness) then you’re probably not doing it correctly.

Trying renting a few Pilates DVDs designed for beginners and try them each before you purchase. That way, if one doesn’t happen to be for you, you won’t have wasted much money or time on it.

For the best Pilates instruction, invest in a few private sessions with an instructor. He or she will make sure you’re doing the movements correctly, and that you understand the purpose of each one. This type of Pilates how to instruction can help you get the most benefit from your home workouts.

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