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The story of my health and wellness.

For many years, my weight and consequently my health and well-being, were completely out of control and unmanageable. I tried numerous diet programs and never found one that worked to my satisfaction. It wasn’t until a Doctor, who eventually became a very close friend of mine, set up a program for me that worked extremely well.

It wasn’t a program that was to quickly solve my weight and health problems, but it was and has been the greatest direction that I could have possibly chosen to take. I was overweight at 220 lbs. (Now I’m 170 lbs and loving it) It used to be that I seldom did any exercise, even walking, as I just never had the energy – no ambition at all. I really was a couch potato and could barely find the energy to get up and go to work. The low energy levels affected both my work as well as my home life. My wife (being slim and active) was pretty much fed up with me.

I never thought it could be possible to change and be a happy, healthy and active person again, but was I ever wrong, as now I have achieved success in all these areas once more.

My wife and I now have a renewed and wonderful life together, thank heavens. My children can’t believe the change in me. Now you ask, “HOW DID I ACCOMPLISH ALL THIS”?.

So what did I do to change my situation?. With the direction from my Doctor friend, I changed my – DIET, LIFESTYLE, EXERCISE HABITS And all for the better. For many of you, time is fast running out. To control your life, and lifestyle, you must make a choice – and not let life control you any longer.

While it may sound easy to some of you, in reality it really is not easy, as you do have some hard decisions to make if you are to be successful in improving your lives, as I was able to do.

To be successful in changing your lives, I think you all know that if you wait any longer, then at some point, for some of you, your problem could become irreversible, then it really will be too late. Are you going to remain as you are, and choose to let life basically pass you by, or are you going to make the best decision you have ever made, and take control of your life from here on out?. The choice is yours and only yours, as no one can decide for you.The sooner you make a positive decision and stick to it, the sooner you will enjoy a – “HAPPY and HEALTHY LIFE”.


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