The nose knows best rhinoplasty

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In the world of cosmetic surgery, you can fix everything from your eyelids to your breast. In fast, no part of your body is safe Of course, most of the time, cosmetic surgery is done for cosmetic reasons onlyhence the namebut it can also help to improve the quality of your life in other ways. If you are considering plastic surgery, the key is to learn are much as possible about the process so that you are fully aware of the procedure and can make the best decision possible for your health. One of the most popular kinds of cosmetic surgeries that you can try is rhinoplasty, otherwise known as the nose job.

Rhinoplasty has a long history and was first performed around 500 BC by a man names Susrutha, who is considered to be the father of plastic surgery. Many of the same procedures he used are still used today. The first rhinoplasty was done in the western world in the late 1800s. Today, it is done all over the world with great success.

The surgery starts with general or local anesthetic, depending on what the doctor and patient prefer. Once the area is numbed and the patient is asleep, the surgeon makes tiny incisions inside the nostrils. The cartilage and bone in the nose are then reshaped according to the patients preferences. This is done to improve both the look of the nose and the ability to breath. If preferred, a straight septoplasty can be preferred. This is when the bone and cartilage is changed just to improve breathing, but not to improve the cosmetic look of the face.

Rhinoplasty surgeries are very common in the entertainment industries. Perhaps the best known nose jobs in the world include Michael Jacksons surgery His sisters Janet and La Toya Jackson also got nose jobs. Jennifer Grey, the star of the movie Dirty Dancing also got a nose job that is highly infamous in the world of plastic surgery.

As with all plastic surgeries, there are a variety of things that could potentially go wrong with a nose job. They are simply not for everyone. Before you approach plastic surgeons regarding your nose, you should consider if the high cost, pain, and risk are worth the end results. In some cases, a rhinoplasty can be a great thing, but they do not work for everyone. In any case, talk to your doctor about the procedure and the risks involved so you can carefully make the best decisions regarding the look of your nose.

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