How belly fat can be a health hazard

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Over a quarter million people lose their lives each year in the United States due to complications arising from being overweight. One of the places where the body stores excess fat when someone is overweight is the belly. There are many reasons one can end up being overweight. One of the reasons is over eating or eating unwisely. Some people have a higher appetite than others although for some this is caused by a genetic abnormality. Eating unwisely means a lack of overall concern as to what the calorie level in the food that you are eating is. Others simply refuse to exercise self-control and instead indulge in foods that have very high cholesterol content.

Belly fat can be a real health hazard. Many people lose their lives each year and others live on while enjoying a lesser quality of life than others. This is because with excess belly fat, you suffer from lack of energy. People with excess fat have less energy because they body has to struggle to transport blood and oxygen over a wider area than usual.

Then people with a huge belly suffer from a low self-esteem. This is because the mass media portrays looks as more important than even character. And that is why all the commercials are made with scantily clad girls with skinny appearances and the men have perfect abs, muscled biceps and triceps and a lean athletic look. This makes it difficult for the obese person to even find the best clothes to buy because most stores cater to people with a lean body.

Excess belly fat can also cause digestive and sleeping disorders. Because of irregular breathing while sleeping, sleep usually eludes people in this category. Most end up seeking the help of sleeping pills which can be addictive.

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