What are the lasik procedures

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The LASIK surgeon uses computer software to guide the Intra. Lase laser beam, which applies a series of tiny (3-micron-diameter) bubbles within the central layer of the cornea. The resulting corneal flap is created at a precise depth and diameter pre-determined by the surgeon. As occurs with a mechanical microkeratome, a small section of tissue at one edge of the flap is left uncut, forming a hinge that allows the surgeon to fold back the flap so that the cornea can be accessed and reshaped for vision correction.

LASIK has proven to be a safe and effective method of laser eye surgery as recently published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology by Ophthalmologist Professor Michael O’Keeffe reporting the results of a long term study commenced in 1998 and 1999 whereby LASIK patients were followed for a period of 5 years.

The LASIK Procedure.

1. Anesthetic drops are applied to the eye.

2. A protective flap is created and gently lifted by the surgeon, revealing the inner corneal tissue.

3. Computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light are applied to the inner layers of your cornea. As the laser pulses, it makes a ticking sound. The inner corneal layer is reshaped with the laser to mimic your contact lens or glasses prescription.

4. The surgeon gently replaces the flap and aligns it to its original position. It heals naturally and securely.

5. Some patients may feel slight irritation for a few hours, but most are quite comfortable after a nap and rest.

Are there Follow Ups after Lasik Treatment?.

Most patients are usually seen the day following the treatment and then at least 1 month and 3 months following the treatment. Some patients require more visits. Remember, we are available 24 hours a day when you have any questions, concerns or need attention.

So, we urge you to find out more about Lasik Surgery today!.

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