A typical reflexology session

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A Typical Reflexology Session. Reflexology is a good way to have a relaxing treatment that could possibly have a medically sound effect on one’s health. It goes a long way back in history from different cultures and continents and principles are the same: pressure points on both hands and feet can ease tension when applied with correct amount of pressure.

It is a form of massage that does not use any other instrument but the hand. Some reflexologists though use oils or talc to ease the tension in their own wrists and arms after exerting so much energy in the session. The oils used in most reflexology sessions are olive oil, sesame oil, aroma therapy oils and menthol camphor oils.

A reflexology session can last up to an hour though an average length would be thirty minutes. The patient keeps in a reclining position and the reflexologist may use a table or a chair depending on the height desired. The patient may prefer to have a hand reflexology or foot reflexology, those who are ticklish need not be alarmed because the pressure applied on the foot will be firm and not feathery.

For a regular relaxing reflexology, the therapist would massage the entire hand or foot methodically ensuring that all pressure points have been given proper attention. If the patient seeks reflexology to relieve pain on a certain body part, she should inform the reflexologist beforehand so the methods of clinical therapy can be applied.

The amount of pressure must always be dictated by the patient, if it is too light, you may request heavier presses and vice versa. Do not allow the reflexologist to tell you that such amount of pressure is required for a specific pressure point because the entire purpose of the session is the patient’s comfort.

Reflexologists are not licensed to provide medical recommendations or suggestions regarding your health condition. In the same way is reflexology not considered a cure or treatment for any kind of illness. Itis merely a complementary therapy to induce relaxation and provide relief from stress and tension. Therefore, if you happen to have small talks about your medical condition during the session, you must keep in mind that whatever they happen to share to you are merely opinions. Also, refrain from seeking their opinion about your medical condition as if the entire session is a consultation. Always return to your physician according to your schedule to continue your medication so you can be sure of a speedy recovery.

Reflexology is not for everybody though, those with severe skin and irregular circulatory conditions, and foot and hand trauma are not advised to undergo reflexology treatments. Skin conditions include severe dermatitis and similar infections. Circulatory conditions include severe varicosities and its other forms. Foot and hand trauma may have been from severe injury from accidents that nearly burned or decapitated the hand or foot. These accidents may have caused the nerve endings to be displaced and may result to unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations for the patient.

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