Symptom of bipolar disorder

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ÿþ. Episodes Symptom of Bipolar Disorder. Not all illnesses are easily detected. Though for some people this might not sound alarming, those individuals who want to secure their lives as well as their families are constantly searching for the right answers. They don t hesitate to seek medical help to ensure that they get the proper treatment and/or medication.

One of the prevailing disorders that many people suffer from is manic depression. But today, this is popularly called bipolar disorder. The patient, family, relatives, or friends may not be aware of this disorder, as it is not detected easily. During the early stages, the symptoms can be manifested with the use of drugs, alcohol intake, and poor work/school performance. If the disorder remains untreated, it can lead to full-blown bipolar disorder with minor or major episodes.

Usually, the early sign which shows that a person has bipolar disorder may be a hypomania state. The person exhibits high levels of energy, irritability, excessive moodiness, and recklessness or impulsiveness; and that person feels good about it. Though family members and friends may notice these behaviors, the person will only deny that something’s wrong.

A person diagnosed with bipolar disorder oftentimes has episodes. These episodes are divided into four types: depression, mania, hypomania, and mixed mood. Each episode exhibits different symptoms. Below is the detailed information about the symptoms of bipolar disorder based on episodes.

Depression Symptoms· Always feeling sad· Sleeps too much or too little· Feels hopeless, guilty, and worthless· Loses interest in certain things like sex· Change in appetite or weight· Feels restless and tired· Can’t make effective decisions· Can’t concentrate· Thinks about suicide or death. These symptoms happen consistently for about two weeks. The moods exhibited should represent an actual change in the individual’s normal mood. The depressed mood happens in most time of the day, and the loss of interest in the usual things is strongly marked. All the other symptoms usually occur every single day. Psychomotor retardation or agitation is also noted everyday. The person’s social, educational, or occupational functioning is impaired because of the symptoms.

Mania Symptoms· Increased levels of energy· Thoughts jump or race· Sleeps less· Talkative and self-confident unlike before· Accomplishes very little· Easily distracted· Does extreme or risky activities. These symptoms are easily noted and the feelings are too severe that all aspects like emotional and social are greatly affected. The person will have difficulty in coping with his or her situation that oftentimes, his or her personal life is sacrificed. Not only is the patient affected, but also the family members, friends, and co-workers.

Aside from the depression and manic symptoms, there are still two other episode types. The hypomania is usually characterized by a persistently expansive, elevated, and irritable mood. This can last for a couple of days, four days at the most, and the change in mood is very different form his usual mood. This is not a severe episode and therefore can’t cause impairment to a person’s life although some of the symptoms will come as a shock to friends and co-workers.

The mixed episode is characterized by both depressive and manic episode every day. And this usually happens for a week.

Since bipolar disorder cannot be detected easily, you must be observant of the things happening around you. A lot of people are not aware that they have the illness, or are afraid to accept such fact. What the person should do is to take action. He must consult a medical professional or a specialist that can diagnose his condition accurately.

Only a specialist in the medical field can give you the right diagnosis, as well as the right medication or treatment. Don t hesitate or be ashamed of your condition. Bipolar disorder can’t be cured, but there are ways to control it. After you’ve found the best medication or treatment that will work for you, then you can reclaim your normal life back.

Remember, if you or a family member remains untreated, the condition will only become worse. So why wait until things worsen?. Act now and with the help of your loving family members and friends, you can easily cope up with the situation and live a happy and normal life.

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