Getting familiar with another natural birth control method

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For many couples, having a child is a source ofjoy brought about by careful thought and consciouschoice. It is also a tough decision to make mostespecially for women who have other things in mindsuch as their career or further studies. Formillions of women and their partners who opt notto get pregnant, contraception is always a viableoption.

Christians have always condemned contraceptivesex. Both forms mentioned in the Bible, “coitusinterruptus” and sterilization, are condemnedwithout exception. The early Fathers recognizedthat the purpose of sexual intercourse in naturallaw is procreation, hence contraceptive sex, whichdeliberately blocks that purpose, is a violationof natural law. However, in this day and age,things are changing and contraception can not bedisregarded.

Birth control or contraception is a course oftherapy involving one or more actions, devices, ormedications that prevents pregnancy. In otherwords, the mechanisms responsible for lesseningthe possibility of the fertilization of an ovum bya spermatozoon can be precisely referred to ascontraception.

Stepping into the past, the oldest methods ofcontraception included “coitus interruptus,”certain barrier methods, and herbal methods.

Historic records say that Egyptian women used apessary made of various acidic substances andlubricated with honey or oil, which was good atkilling sperm. In Asia, women took to oiled paperas a cervical cap while the Europeans hadsupposedly used bee wax.

It was not before the seventeenth century that thecondom came into being. The earliest forms ofcondoms were actually made from animal intestine.

It was only with the advent of modern latexcondoms, that they became all the very effectiveand accepted. It came to prominence as aneffective means of contraception and not tomention giving hopes avoiding syphilis whatsoever.

There are other types of contraception, too manyto choose from, but if couples want to go for anatural birth control method, Fertility Awareness. Method (FAM) can be a solution. Any method ofidentifying the fertile and infertile time in themenstrual cycle by self observations is a kind offertility awareness method. The term Fertility. Awareness Method, or FAM, however, has come to beassociated with the “three over six” way ofidentifying ovulation and the infertile or fertiletime. This method, similarly described by both the. World Health Organization and Professor John. Marshall in the 1960s and geared largely forcouples wishing to avoid pregnancy, identifiesovulation after three temperatures above theprevious six temperatures have been observed andcervical fluid has dried up. A coverline is thendrawn slightly above the highest of the sixtemperatures before the temperature rise.

FAM also refers to a natural birth control methodoutside of a religious framework that supports theuse of barrier methods (such as condom, diaphragm,and spermicide), emergency contraception, andabortion. It allows a woman to identify days inher menstrual cycle on which they are likely to befertile. Many women use this information to helpthem get pregnant, but it can also be used to helpthem avoid pregnancy.

FAM is often confused with the ineffective rhythmmethod, which uses mathematical calculations basedon past cycle lengths to predict infertile daysfor the present cycle. FAM relies only on dailyobservation of fertility changes in the presentand is deemed more effective. It eliminates theproblems of hormones affecting the milk inbreastfeeding women and avoids the hassle ofstaining which can occur with pills and IUDs.

FAM is a natural birth control method that is safeand highly effective when used correctly andconsistently.

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