Contact lenses

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Every first timer who makes use of contact lenses for eyes goes through a series of questions. “ Are lenses suitable for me ?. ” or “ How do I wear them ?. “ or “ How do I clean my lenses” these are just a few of numerous queries that people have related to the use of lenses. Once you have made your mind in favor of contact lenses the very first step that you must take is to visit your ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist is commonly known as an “ Eye Specialist”. He would thoroughly check your eyesight and prescribe the perfect set of lenses for your beautiful eyes. In addition to the prescription he would also guide you through use , replacement, cleaning and protection of lenses. He is your best judge in adoption & replacement of lenses.

When wearing contact lenses for the first time you might be amused thinking about which side is the correct one to wear. If you are among the lucky few who can read the laser imprint you would not require a guide to help you through the process. But if your lens has not got a laser imprint over it then the easiest way to locate the wearable side of the contact lens is to hold it on your finger tip. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly every time before touching your lenses this secures them from unnecessary harmful deposits. When held over finger tip if the contact lens forms a “U” shape with the edges extended outwards its inside out. You must reverse it before wearing. A contact lens if worn from the wrong side would not do any harm but would be uncomfortable. A contact lens wearable side is when it forms a simple “U” shape with it edges not flaring outwards.

A wide range of contact lenses is available in market. You can expect to have a hard time deciding. All the contact lenses can be condensed under categories depending upon various factors like wear ability, replacement and composition. Based on composition contact lenses come in two broad categories namely soft and rigid gas permeable. Soft lenses are easy to adapt and wear as they contain 25 % to 80% water but are not usually durable. Rigid gas permeable lenses on the other hand are more durable however it takes time to adapt to them. Rigid lenses in some cases offer better vision to individuals than soft contact lenses. There upright payment is mostly higher as they can be used for several years. In case of soft lenses they can be replaced on daily, weekly, monthly and after 1 year. Contact lenses in which one can sleep are known as extended wear lens others are daily wear.

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