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Reiki FAQWhat is Reiki energy?. Reiki energy is known as the Universal Life Force. It is also know as Ki, Qi, or Chi in different parts of China. It is taught to us by the Reki Masters. We learn how to channel it after being attuned. Then we go forth and share it with other people.

What does the Reiki energy feel like?. For different people, it will feel like different things. Some have a spinning experience, some see bright colors, some have beautiful visions, and some feel nothing at all. They may also experience a warmth or a tingle depending on where the practitioner is.

How does a Reiki treatment work?. The practitioner starts the treatment at the crown chakra and go all the way down to the root chakra, opening any chakras that are blocked. Then they do each elbow and knee and them you flip over and they work on your back chakras. After they have opened all of these, you will flip one more time onto your back while they anchor in your affirmation and give thanks to you for letting them treat you.

How does Reiki energy know where to go?. If you have a specific pain, the practitioner will still treat the entire body. If the Reiki is needed in one certain place, it will flow to that area. Your higher self knows where it needs healing and will direct the Reiki to go there. If the higher self decides it doesn’t want the Reiki, it will block it from entering the body.

When is Reiki effective?. Reiki is good for almost any injury. While you are waiting for the ambulance, give the person some Reiki. Before they go into surgery and when they come out, give some. There are many instances where Reiki from the beginning of an injury or illness can really cut down on how much time it may take to heal. But, even if start Reiki in the middle, the energy knows where it is needed and goes to work in that area.

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