What is a mangosteen

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A mangosteen is an edible fruit but many people have never seen or tasted a mangosteen. The mangosteen should not be confused with the mango you’ve probably seen in your grocery store and may even enjoy regularly. They are completely different fruits and are in no way related.

The mangosteen fruit currently only grows in Southeast Asia although attempts are being made to cultivate and grow it in other tropical climates. It’s a small fruit, about the same size as a tangerine. The skin of the fruit is a dark reddish/purplish color. The edible fruit inside is pure white and is said to be very sweet and delicious. But because the fruit is highly perishable and because it doesn’t continue to ripen after being picked, it’s not available as a fresh fruit in the United States, nor in many other countries in the world. But in southeast Asia where the mangosteen is widely available during harvest time, it is a prized fruit and is called the “Queen of Fruits.” It’s also the most expensive fruit at the markets in Southeast Asia. And because it is so highly demanded and highly prized, you’ll never see any fruits lying on the ground under the trees (http://www.mangosteenzone.com/mangosteentree). None of the fruit is wasted.

The reason why the mangosteen is generating so much interest in the Western parts of the world lately is because of the rind, or pericarp, of the mangosteen. The rind of the mangosteen has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, and in some cases thousands of years, to effectively and naturally treat numerous ailments and conditions. It’s commonly used to treat conditions such as: dysentery, various infections, eczema, diarrhea, urinary disorders; and for nearly any ailment between a person’s neck and waist.

Xanthones, a type of anti-oxidant have been discovered in the mangosteen although it’s not a new discovery; just one that’s not been noticed much in Western parts of the world. To read some of the research that’s been done on the mangosteen and on xanthones go to http://www.pubmed.org and type in “xanthones” or “mangosteen.”.

Although the medicinal benefits of the mangosteen and the xanthones contained in it have not been officially evaluated by the FDA in the United States, juices and other products containing the mangosteen are gaining popularity and are being taken by many people as a supplement to enhance their health and well-being.

One of the reasons more and more people feel mangosteen supplements are beneficial is because much of the research that’s been done on the xanthones contained in the mangosteen suggests that the xanthones contain very potent antioxidant properties that may strengthen the immune system; neutralize free radicals in the body; help with intestinal health; and give a person more energy; plus there have been numerous testimonial from people who feel taking a mangosteen supplement has helped them regain health when they were dealing with serious illnesses such as cancer.

I have been taking a mangosteen supplement for a little over a year. I started taking the supplement because I wanted to enhance my health and feeling of well-being. I do feel better since I started taking it. I have more energy; get fewer headaches than I used to; and catch fewer colds.

Disclaimer: this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat illness and disease; nor is it intended as dispensation of medical advice.

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