The mirrored body

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The Mirrored Body. Everything that happens to you everyday is recorded in your conscious and unconscious minds. You alone decide how you feel about something, or what you want to do next. When decisions that you make everyday start to cause you stress, it can show up in physical symptoms within your body.

A good example is sickness. Why do some people get sick and other don’t?. Why do some patients respond to a treatment and others don’t?. It is all a matter of your attitude and the fight you are willing to put up to beat the germ or illness.

Your life energy is in every cell in your body and you can communicate with all of them. If there is some sickness, you must identify what is causing it. If you can’t hear, is there something you don’t wish to know?. If you can’t speak, is there something you don’t want to say?. If you can’t see, have you been keeping something from yourself?. There are hundreds of examples. We can learn to solve these problems, but only by asking hard questions. We must face up to the answers if we want to feel better. It is your choice to take life by the hand or let it pass you by.

Some symptoms develop after a while because you let the problem continue and finally your physical body has symptoms of an illness. These tensions in your body usually correlate to stress in your life when the symptoms developed. Being aware of this relationship will help you figure out how to resolve the issues. If you leave the issues unresolved, you will continue to get sicker and show more symptoms. Your body is trying to tell you something is not right. Start paying attention to yourself when you are not feeling well and see if you can trace it back to a certain event.

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