Achieving lean and healthy body safely and effectively

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Before we start, we need to know a very simple truth. There is no weight loss system in the world that can be called One-Size-Fits-all. You are unique, your body is unique, your lifestyle is unique. So, the method for any transformations to your body like Weight Loss is also unique. When you are looking for a weight loss program, keep the above in mind. Find weight loss plans that talk about finding the right diet, right exercises and tuning your lifestyle uniquely customized for you. A good fat loss system assess your current body weight, finds if you are really overweight according to your body type, age and sex, how much fat you should lose from your body and which type of exercise you should practice. Most importantly, your eating habits.

Im going to highlight some of the basic steps that is required to achieve your weight loss and muscle gaining goals. Based on your body, age and activity level, you have to follow the right diet for you at least for 4 to 6 weeks. Remember, you cant go for starving type of diet plans. These will slow down your metabolism and eventually youll stop losing stored ugly fat.

Now youve taken your weight loss diet and workout plan in your hand. You must keep record of your action and success. That means food journal, workout plan and success journal. I dont mean that you have to write an epic. But at least some bullet points thatll help you assess yourself and find the best weight loss method in future.

While making your diet plan, planning for 5 to 6 meals per day is a good idea. When you eat healthy food every 3 to 4 hours, you are less likely to binge on bad and unhealthy food. Also, adding protein in every meal is also important. Protein helps you feel satiated.

Right amount of exercise keeps your body healthy, fit and boost your metabolism. The right amount needs to be set by an expert. I strongly advise to seek for expert suggestion to choose right exercise for you and body type.

A regular moderate exercise plan can keep you in good physical condition. In fact all the components and elements of your body are benefited from exercise.

60 of our body is water. It shows the importance of sufficient daily water intake. Nothing can be done inside our body without water. So, for good digestion, elimination and metabolism, drink sufficient amount of water every day.

Sleep not only works as rest but also as recovery. What youve lost throughout the day is repaired and recovered while sleeping. Amount of sleep may vary from person to person. On the average its 6 to 8 hours for an adult. Find the right amount of sleep you need and make it a practice.

Proper nutrition, sufficient water intake, sufficient workout and sleep altogether creates an environment inside your body where you lose unnecessary fat from your body, build muscle, strengthen your bones and boost your metabolism and immune system. As a result you get fit, lose extra body fat, get lean and live a healthy life.

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