Fitness is often more about attitude than anything else

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Fitness is Often More About Attitude Than Anything Else. It is our attitude that often determines our level of fitness.

It is our attitude that will determine whether we want to sit on the couch or get out to the gym for a workout.

The way we feel about our health and what we believe we have to give up in order to maintain it will be the deciding factor for our fitness.

If we believe that we have to miss out on some pleasures in life, such as watching the television or drinking with our friends then the price we have to pay for our fitness will seem too great.

Alternatively, if there are activities that we find can give us immediate satisfaction, and more satisfaction than long term good health, then often the choices we make will be determined by those activities rather than the ability to still be able to do those activities as we age.

It is not until it is too late that the wrong decisions, made because of our attitude towards health and fitness, determine the quality of life we are left with.

If only we could turn back the clock.

We need to look at our attitude towards health and ask ourselves the questions we would ask others if we were giving them advice.

Would you recommend someone starts smoking or drinking excessive alcohol if they were asking for advice on finding health for life?.Not likely – Yet we make decisions like this every day that we will pay for dearly in the future.

Change your attitude and you can change your health, and in doing so you can expect to live life to the best of your ability.

Exercise builds energy and energy is the source of all life. We have the opportunity to take this energy that is available, and all it takes to get our share is a positive attitude and action.

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