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Did you know that obesity is becoming an epidemic of the 21st Century?Although there are many differing reasons why you want to lose weight – you may want a healthier body, look slimmer, feel better or maybe you just want to fit back into those “old clothes”. However for many it is a much more serious challenge and would that we should all head! Everyday, all over the western world, people are being advised, or even warned, by a medical practitioner to cast off the excess pounds and get fit.

For some people losing weight is easy, in fact for many the experience weight gain is as alien as meeting E.T. These people never gain access pounds at all throughout their lives. However, if you are one of those unfortunate people, of which there are many, who has fought a constant losing battle with your weight then you already know just how hard it is to follow a regulated diet plan. In the vast majority of cases dieting just doesn’t work!We can say with relative confidence that almost all of the current slimming aids and weight loss diets are very limited in their effectiveness. In fact those that do work leave no permanent mark, for once you abandon your diet plan it doesn’t take long to pile on the pounds again.

When you also take into consideration the many dangers of the surgical procedures that are available and the lack of any real long term studies into the most popular and latest diets (which usually don‘t work over the long haul), then you can see that a safe, reliable permanent alternative is needed.

Although there are many claims of effort free weight loss the simple undeniable truth is that weight loss, like anything worth achieving in life, requires a certain degree of effort and commitment from you. Having said that, there are very reliable techniques and excellent tools to make your transition to a slimmer body, healthier lifestyle and smaller clothes much easier, enjoyable and, best of all, permanent. Probably the most powerful system was created by Paul McKenna and tested on British television. The results were remarkable. Although, you may know that, McKenna made his fortune & fame through hypnosis this weight loss system doesn’t involve hypnosis at all!Paul McKenna has researched the subject of weight loss for over thirteen years. He has analyzed the key behaviours of the naturally thin. Armed with this powerful information he created his weight-loss system and given hope to millions of people who battle with their weight. The techniques I am about to share with you are tremendously powerful and easy to follow.

The first point you should realise is that everybody has a natural weight control mechanism. It is a sort of set point you have which constantly attempts to regulate your body weight by maintaining a particular amount of fat on your body. McKenna formulated his easy weight loss system around this important premise which to date appears to have its basis in solid fact! As I have already mentioned in this article the system was tested on British television and it had a hugely beneficial affect on viewers. The weight loss system even allowed participants to eat whatever they wanted and yet, they still lost massive amounts of weight!How was this so?Well, under normal weight loss dietary conditions what we are trying to do is force the body to adjust to a new and often times dramatic way of eating. A “starvation” diet for example, when you finish your meal and are still hungry, is actually resisting the powerful and completely natural urges that the body has. These urges are in place to prevent energy deficit. Therefore appetite suppressants may help to reduce these drives (while you‘re taking them), and a forced attempt to change your eating habits may retrain the body and mind into a new eating regime but the body will still have these urges because they are inherent to its very survival and 100% natural.

Therefore a way needed to be found where we could work with these natural urges and still maintain a health, fit, attractive body. The McKenna weight loss system achieves this by teaching you how to eat like a naturally thin person eats – they DO NOT starve themselves.

Another reason for overeating has its root in stress or comes from the desire to suppress negative emotions or feelings of discomfort. Are you a classic ‘comfort eater’? This is why the use of methods such as self hypnosis or subliminal messages are so effective for weight loss because it can retrain the mind to view food, fitness and eating in a healthier way. McKenna has added a unique way of dealing with these emotional eating patters through the use of EFT(emotional freedom technique) and other methods.

Research conducted prior to the creation of the weight loss system shows that if you follow your own body’s natural rhythm you will be much more successful at losing weight. This means not trying to force yourself into strict (and what feels unnatural) eating habits or denying yourself the food you want and enjoy the most. By actually denying yourself certain foods you are setting up resistance within yourself and you will make it much more difficult for yourself to stay with your weight loss plan. it’s the old adage “you always want what you can’t have!”.

The first key of the system is to immediately stop denying yourself the foods that you really enjoy. Your body is sending signals to your brain that it wants to eat certain foods so let it but always eat them in moderation. I know this sounds much easier to say than to do but McKenna has some simple yet powerful techniques to ensure your success. Basically you can eat what you want!How?Simple! …. Eat slowly and Stop eating once your full! Many people tend to keep eating after their body has sent a clear message to their brain that it is satisfied. By learning to recognise these signs and take heed of them you will be surprised at how much weight you begin to lose.

The next simple step is to take an extra 15 minutes of exercise a day. Spread it over the day, a few minutes at a time, so it is achieved in very small steps. Get off the elevator 1 floor early and walk up the stairs. Get off the bus 5 minutes from your house and walk the extra little bit. Walk to the corner shop instead of taking the car. These are very light exercises yet they will have a profound effect as you will be burning up more calories than usual.

Naturally thin people can eat whatever they want and they do! this might lead you to the belief that these fortunate human beings have a higher metabolic rate or have been gloriously blessed by a Divine Being with holy fat burning genes but the truth is much simpler. This truth can be applied to and by everyone else!The truth?Naturally thin people have a completely different psychological view about food, their bodies and their amount of exercise. This is the very reason why they can eat whatever they want. By changing what food means to you at a subconscious level you can change your automatic responses to the food you eat and the exercise you need.

Naturally thin people do not have uncontrollable food cravings. McKenna teaches that any cravings you have are merely learned behaviour and if they are learned then they can be unlearned. He shows how it is possible to break all cravings and also re-programme your mind in just minutes.

If you follow the above simple steps you are guaranteed success in your weight loss efforts and a new healthy slim body.

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