The p90x recovery drink

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The P90X Recovery Drink. P90X is already one of the world’s more successful weight-loss systems, complete with the rigorous 90-day regimen, some simple exercise equipments and a set of nutrition plan.

As proclaimed by its manufacturers and confirmed by its multitude of satisfied subscribers, the success of the program seemed to be what it called “muscle confusion”.

This is the state where the different muscle groups are triggered to do so many routines that they continue to develop because they do not have time to get used to any exercise routine.

Featured in the program’s intense 13-week regimen is a combination of cardio, strength training, plyometrics (jump training), kenpo (a type of karate) and yoga. The program uses the little-known method of intense interval training that does not allow muscle development to “plateau”.

Another innovation they have introduced is called the P90X recovery drink.

P90X recovery drink. According to P90X enthusiasts, this drink was specifically designed to be taken right after the most intense workouts in the P90X program. The drink, aptly named P90X recovery drink has been lauded by those who have tried it.

They asserted that the drink does help in the recovery process after an intense workout as specified in the P90X program. Just like any other supplemental exercise drinks, the P90X recovery drink had been satisfactory in terms of satisfaction, taste, and acceptance in their bodies.

Nutrition. However, there had been concerns on the protein content of the P90X recovery drink. For those who are advocates of immediate protein recovery after a heavy physical workout, the drink is just about right.

They contend that the body needs immediate replenishments of nutrients in the form of lost protein (and others) spent during the workout. The extra protein content in the P90X recovery drink serves its purpose very well.

Extreme drink. Proponents of the drink also contend that this particular recovery drink was specifically designed to go hand in hand with the kind of exercise routine specified in the p90X program. Moreover, the drink does contain the same name as the program which signifies that it is designed as an extreme drink fit for an extreme exercise program.

However, knowing that not all people have the same tolerance to extreme formulations in food and drinks, these same proponents advised others to take note of any adverse effects of the drink on their stomachs after a week or so of use.

Cost. Another quibble on P90X recovery drink is about its price. Many had lauded the fact that the P90X weight-loss program costs only around $120, with a nice 90-day money–back guarantee, whereas the recovery drink can run up to $40 a month depending on the use.

Satisfaction. From the makers, the contention is that P90X recovery drink is tailor-fit to give an energy jolt to the muscles of the body – right after an extreme exercise routine. However, since too much of a jolt might be a bad thing for some people, users are advised to use caution when using the drink this intense.

Experienced physical workout enthusiasts will have little trouble adjusting. After all, P90X recovery drink is intended for people doing P90X routines.

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