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Eating Healthy On A Budget. If you have problems serving healthy foods becauseof the prices, you’ll find these tips to be justwhat you need to eat healthy on a budget.

1. Eliminate junk food. Doing your shopping on your own is the easiest wayto shop, as children and sometimes spouses areusually the ones requesting junk food. Shoppingalone will prevent this, and ensure that you onlybuy the foods you need.

2. Water or milk instead of soft drinks. You can still enjoy your favorite drinks at asporting event or night out, although you shouldstick with the smallest size when shopping to savemoney and calories. Children and even adults needmilk or milk products on a daily basis. Milk willalso help you get strong and provides calcium forhealthy bones and healthy teeth.

3. Buy fruits in quantity. Whne they are in season, buy fruits in quantityand freeze any extras. You can buy several poundsthis way, and freeze extras to have them when thefruit goes out of season. Wash the fruit well,remove any spoiled pieces, dry thoroughly, thenfreeze in plastic zipper bags.

4. Meats and beans. Meats and beans are the best sources for protein.

Lean meat is more expensive than meats with a lotof fat. Canned beans are a great deal as well,as they give you protein at a great price.

5. Beans as a substitute. You should use beans a substitute for meat on afrequent occasion. There are several varieties,so you can prepare them in a crock pot, so whenyou return home they are ready to consume.

The USDA recommends eating beans at least 4 timesper week. If you experience gas after eatingbeans you should try washing them, covering themwith water, bringing the water to a boil, thendraining it off and refilling the pot.

6. If you live in a coastal area or an areawhere fish are around, make that an integralpart of your diet. You can catch them from thelakes or rivers, saving money in the process.

7. Peanut butter is great for those on a budgetas it’s popular with almost everyone. You canuse it for sandwiches instead of eating hotdogs. It does need to be refrigerated, althoughbigger jars can last you for weeks.

8. You should fill up with foods that have a highcontent of water. Watermelon, salads, and evensugar free gelatin are all great examples.

Eating healthy is always something you can’t gowrong with. You can eat healthy for just a fewbucks, which makes it perfect for those on abudget. Now, you don’t need a lot of money to havethe lifestyle and health you’ve always wanted.

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