Your immune system how it works and how you can support it

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Do you know what your immune system is?. The parts your immune system is made up of?. How it works?. Those are the things that we’ll explore in this article.

What Is Your Immune System?.

Your immune system is your body’s defense system. Whenever any kind of pathogen, such as a virus, bacteria, or such, enters your body, it is the immune system’s job to find, destroy, and remove the pathogen. In short, the immune system is designed to keep you free from disease.

How your Immune System Works.

Your immune system is divided into two parts: the innate part and the adaptive part.

The innate part of your immune system is the part of your immune system that is always there and guarding against infection or disease. It is your first line of defense.

Parts of the innate immune system include neutrophils, macrophages, and dendritic cells. Natural Killer Cells, or NKC’s, are also part of your innate immune system. They are specially able at killing cells infected with a virus, as well as cancer cells.

Your innate immune system also includes parts like your skin mucous membranes, and other parts that protect your health by blocking or keeping out pathogens.

Your adaptive immune system is the part of your system that adapts to respond to threats to your health. The adaptive part of your immune system is the reason that you generally will not get the same common cold virus or chickenpox more than once.

Your adaptive immune system is made up of two primary components: antibodies and T-cells. Each of these types is designed to recognize specific types of virus-infected cells, bacteria, or other pathogens.

Note that this is a very generalized overview of how your immune system works. For a more precise explanation, see an encyclopedia or medical textbook.

Nutrition and your immune system.

There are many nutrients that play a role in your immune function. Here are just a few of them:.

Glyconutrients are an important part of the immune response. Glyconutrients are used to create glycoproteins, which cover the outsides of all cells in your body. These glycoproteins are used by immune system cells (among others) for recognizing pathogens.

Phytonutrients have been found by science to be very helpful in fighting disease. Scientists are not certain whether phytonutrients are actually used by your body, if they have a direct effect on disease, or both.

Colostrum taken as a supplement can help boost the immune system.

Deficiencies in vitamin C can cause poor immunity.

Hopefully this article has given you at least a slightly better understanding of your immune system, and how it works. Make the effort today to support your immune system with proper diet and supplements – you won’t be sorry!.

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