Itching for a long lasting solution to a frustrating problem

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Now here’s an itch to scratch: A whopping three out of four American households experience itchy skin that can be irritating and unbearable. While it may provide temporary relief, scratching ultimately results in further irritation, potentially causing bleeding and even scarring. It can interfere with your days and bring about sleepless nights.

When Itch Strikes: Whether it’s hitting the slopes or building a snowman in the backyard, wintertime snow draws many out into the cold. As the weather turns balmier in spring and summer, we’re encouraged to spend more time in the great outdoors. Moms and dads are busy tending to the garden or mowing the lawn, while kids explore nature. And what summer would be complete without family trips to the beach or community pool?.

Unfortunately, these favorite seasonal pastimes are also the cause of most cases of itch. Winter’s cold weather and indoor heat are hard on skin, leaving it dryer than normal. With the warmer weather, gardeners turn into frequent-hand-washers, swimmers must deal with chlorine and sun exposure, and itch-inducing insects affect us all. To top it off, retreating to air-conditioned homes can dehydrate already-weakened skin and exacerbate cases of eczema.

Relief Is Here: Finally, scientists have developed advanced treatments that won’t allow itchy skin to keep you from making the most of the season. According to Dr. Michael Southall, a leading scientist at Johnson & Johnson’s Skin Research Center, there are new ways to help ensure against extreme itch. Until now, over-the-counter remedies have included topical hydrocortisone treatments that provided only temporary relief. A new breakthrough technology has revamped the anti-itch category, allowing hydrocortisone to stay on skin for a longer period of time. These new products not only soothe and heal but can also last up to 12 hours, making for a successful day at work or play and a peaceful night’s rest.

Follow Dr. Southall’s tips for itch-free skin no matter what the season:.

• Prevent itch outbreaks by avoiding common irritants such as wool and synthetic fabrics, harsh soaps/detergents, extreme temperatures, and stress.

• Hydrate itchy skin by cleaning in warm water with mild soap. Pat dry and apply lotion/cream while skin is still damp to lock in moisture.

• Treat irritated areas with topical products containing hydrocortisone, such as Cortaid® Advanced 12 Hour Anti-Itch Cream, which lasts throughout the day. For itchy, irritated hands, try new Cortaid® Advanced Long-Lasting Anti-Itch Hand Cream. It moisturizes and soothes, and lasts even through hand washing. Both patent-pending treatments offer scientifically superior formulas that ensure relief that lasts.

A new, long-lasting anti-itch treatment can help many Americans scratch skin problems off the list.

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