Sunburn relief

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Heat Sickness heat stroke, exhaustion and fainting (syncope)can happen when a person becomes too heated and dehydrated.

Sunburn may be present, too, but not necessarily. For fevers, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, trouble looking at light (possible cornea burn) see healthcare provider or head to emergency room ASAP.

Here are some sunburn relief – remedies for you:.

For sunburns, drink plenty of fluids. And make them clear and cool.

Either apply cool (not cold) compresses or soak in cool (not cold) water. Do not use soap since it can dry out your skin, causing more discomfort.

Do NOT apply butter or grease or anything like similar to burns, even if you think those old wives tales are worth trying; they are not because they hold in the heat and will increase the pain.

Products For Sunburns.

To help with sunburn pain and discomfort, try adding about a cup of baking soda or a cup of Aveeno to bath water.

Moisturizers without alcohol can help with itching, especially aloe vera-based products, which are also helpful for either applying directly to burns or adding to water; check product labels and see which can be cooled first in the refrigerator before applying for more soothing affect.

Blisters For Sunburn.

Blisters, use antibiotic cream and sterile gauze wrappings to keep clean and uninfected. Do not burst or force blisters open.

Check Your Skin!.

For your safety, regularly check your skin for possible problems areas. If you notice a mole or other spot on your skin with any of the following qualities, contact your healthcare provider for advice and possible testing: bleeding, growth (larger than pencil eraser), uneven edges, flaking or itching.

The best way to avoid sunburn is prevention!.

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