What are steroid stacks

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‘Stacking’ is the slang term for the use of steroids in combination with other steroids or drugs. Steroid stacks mean the blending of two or more anabolic steroids that are used idyllically in synergy for a period ranging from 2 to 10 weeks or even more.

Often, advance bodybuilders take steroid stacks to get better results from their steroid cycles. Steroid stacks help maximizing results of steroid cycles. Steroid stacks may include blending of two anabolic steroids or blending of anabolic steroids with other drugs. Deca or Primobolan is one of the most common of steroid stacks.

Steroid stacks are used for a period of 6-12 weeks to bridge between cycles and help maintain the gains they made while on. There are several steroid stacks that are popularly used by steroid users. The following are some of the common examples of steroid stacks.

* Nandrolone Decanoate and Testosterone* Nandrolone Decanoate and Testosterone and Methandrostenolone* Boldenone and Testosterone* Boldenone and Trenbolone* Trenbolone and Testosterone* Trenbolone and Methandrostenolone* Stanozolol and Testosterone* Stanozolol and Trenbolone* Stanozolol and Methenolone Enanthate* Methenolone Enanthate and Testosterone* Methenolone Enanthate and Methandrostenolone. Steroid stacks have synergistic effects. They help to enhance the results of steroid cycles. However, steroid stacks have more side effects. Oral steroid stacks are rather dangerous for liver. The bodybuilders who stay on multiple-steroid stacks year-round are more exposed to dangerous consequences. Steroid stacks in long term steroid cycles may leads to the severe side effects.

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