Getting natural pain relief through naturopathy

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Modern medicine can accomplish things that people mere decades ago considered to be firmly in the “hands of God.” There areways to treat cancer, delay what once would have been inevitable deaths, and help people endure great pain. However, aswondrous as modern, conventional medicine is, there are just some things it can’t fix. For some illnesses and people, theprognosis under conventional medicine can be grim and fraught with lifelong pain. Yet, that prognosis does not always have tobe the same when one goes for natural pain relief under an alternative system, such as naturopathy. Naturopathy is a medical philosophy and system that is considered an alternative to modern medicine, in the same way that. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are alternatives. Unlike the two examples, naturopathy is a much younger system,appearing on historical records sometime during the 1800s. Aside from natural pain relief, the system believes in usingnatural products and treatments to stimulate the body’s capacity for repairing itself. The methods and the system itself areconsidered modern and “young,” but the philosophical roots and theories stem from Greek, Chinese, and Indian philosophies andtreatises on health and wellness. Naturopathy, like the more ancient systems it shares many traits with, acknowledges theconnection between lifestyle, nutrition, disease, and treatment. Only in recent decades has Western medicine actuallyacknowledged this link.

The difference between the natural pain relief and treatments that naturopathy provides and that of conventional medicine isa matter of perspective. Conventional medicine will obtain data about the problem and take steps to alleviate that problem.

This is done without concern for the entirety of the person, and only lately have the involvement of other parts of the bodyplayed a role in diagnosis and treatment. Some practitioners and observers have noted that the philosophy and systems thatform naturopathy really are not that different from the alternative medical systems of ancient origins, aside from the lackof what might be perceived as a “mystical” element.

Regardless of whether the patient requires natural pain relief or some sort of anti-allergic treatment, naturopathy focuseson the entirety and treats accordingly. For example, there is a theory that attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder isrelated to a lack of omega fatty acids in children’s bodies, along with the inability to absorb them properly from food. Aconventional doctor would prescribe ADHD drugs for the problem, while practitioners of naturopathy would recommend a dietaryadjustment. Granted, this approach does not always work. Then again, supporters contend, conventional medicine is not alwaysguaranteed to work in all cases, either.

Some people, rather than advocate one or the other, prefer to integrate the two approaches. This is, according to supportersof naturopathy, the better option when it comes to situations that have been traumatic (physically or psychologically), orwould require surgical intervention. There are also certain conditions that simply cannot be countered by the body naturallyand require pharmacological solutions, such as angina, cancer, and congestive heart failure. Fortunately, most naturopathypractitioners, like TCM and Ayurveda practitioners in China and India, acknowledge that no system is superior to another andare able to work in conjunction with Western medical procedures.

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