Living with a partner who isnt self employed

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Living With a Partner Who Isn’t Self EmployedWorking from home is awesome, no doubt.

But it’s mainly awesome for you. For the people you live with, it can actually be a little annoying. Not only are they going to be waking up in the morning while you lie there snoring but they’ll find they come home tired while you’re full of energy and want to hang out. Then there’s the fact that your work life will often bleed into your time off and the fact that you’ll always want to be talking business. It’s tough.

Fortunately though, there are positives to take from the situation too. The trick is to emphasize the pros while downplaying the cons. Let’s take a look at how you can go about doing just that…Stick to Their RoutineWhen you’re self-employed, one of the hardest things is to trying to enforce discipline onto your routine. Oversleeping, working in the evenings and taking long breaks are all bad habits that ultimately make you more tired and more stressed.

One good solution then is to try and adhere to the routine of a partner. If they get up at the same time every day, then get up when they do. When they go to bed, you go to bed. Doing this will help you to stick to a routine and it will mean that you’re more likely to be available to spend time together in the evening at the end of the day.

Show Them the PositivesYour partner might feel like you’re never switching off and like they never get to spend time with you as you just relax. This is something you should work on, but at the same time try to focus on the perks of your job from their perspective. You can do this by meeting them after work to go for a walk for instance, or by meeting them on their lunch break to hang out. You can also tidy the house on their commute home, or get up when they do and make breakfast. You do have more time and more flexibility with your time, so use this to show them what a bonus your lifestyle can be for both of you.

Explain Your Job to ThemAt the same time, it also falls to you to explain your job, why you have to work when you do and why it matters to you. If you explain your reasoning, you should find they are always more sympathetic.

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