Cellulite massage

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Cellulite Massage – How Does It Work?.

Massage is a viable treatment approach to cellulite. There are a variety of options available, from hand-held massagers you use at home to professional spa treatments. Following is a brief explanation of how cellulite massage works, as well as some of the different sorts of anti-cellulite massage available.

How Does Cellulite Massage Work?.

Delivering a massage to a cellulite-ridden area of the body is said to help smooth out the bumps and dimples. Massage is said to accomplish this in several ways.

First, massage increases circulation to the area.

Second, massage may loosen the tight tissue that connects the fat cells. The tightness of this tissue, it’s said, holds the fat cells rigid in annoying bumps rather than letting the cells relax and spread out smoothly.

Third, cellulite massage may make the overall structure of the skin and fat cells more limber and flexible.

1. Professional Treatments.

A rather expensive and intensive form of treatment for cellulite involves multiple sessions with a professional. The massage is deep and vigorous, and those who have undergone it claim it can be uncomfortable but ultimately relaxing. Professional massage treatments also usually involve using heat (usually in the form of plastic “wraps” that induce sweating and increase circulation to the area) and topical creams.

2. Home Massagers.

If your budget or comfort level does not allow for professional treatments, there are options for home cellulite massage. Electrical cellulite “systems” can be purchased for about $50. These kits use heat as well as vibration to deliver a cellulite massage. Many of them also include a gel for use with the system.

Vacuum massagers are another type of home device that uses electricity. Its suction is supposed to stretch and massage the cellulite-ridden area, thereby reducing its appearance. These types of massagers are largely based on the idea that cellulite results from tight tissue between the fat cells, as well as poor circulation.

There are also hand-held massagers that do not involve electricity. These are probably the least expensive of the hand-held home massagers, and are to be used on skin that’s lubricated with warm, soapy water or anti-cellulite cream or gel. Some of these massagers are hollow, and a circular bar of soap can be inserted into the massager. As you work the massager in a circle, the soap comes through holes in the bumpy front of the device, producing a lubricating lather.

3. Scrubs.

Homemade or commercially prepared scrubs combine elements of massage with anti-cellulite ingredients. Some are sugar based; others use coffee grounds or coarse salt. You can make your own for not much money. Topical scrubs are applied with a circular motion on warm, wet skin.

There are cellulite massage options for just about any budget. Regardless of which one(s) you choose, sources agree that the key to positive results is regular, consistent treatment.

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