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Other Causes of Cellulite.

Cellulite is linked to hormone production.

The woman’s reproductive hormones and in particular estrogen are one of the reason why women get cellulite.

This is also one of the reasons why you’ll rarely see men with cellulite unless they are overly obese.

It goes without saying then that any changes that are made to the woman’s reproductive hormones will also affect the production of cellulite.

Contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy both affect the production of estrogen and these can both be responsible for an increased incidence of cellulite.

While it may not be possible to eliminate contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy from your life there are many other forms of meditation they can also have an effect on the production of cellulite due to the fact that they bring about other changes within your body.

Even increased stress can affect the body chemistry and this in turn can result in the storage of more fat that leads to cellulite.

Exercise will help to reduce levels of stress and in doing so will not only make you healthier and burn the fat but will also help to get rid of the cellulite.

Nutrition plays a very big part in the production of cellulite with poor food choices creating changes in the body that can mimic the chemical changes that happen with meditations affecting hormone levels.

Another effect of making the wrong choices in food is how to fix your digestive system and your ability to get rid of waste.

If you have a poor or sluggish digestive system then the chances of you having cellulite increase considerably.

By getting sufficient fiber in your meals you will help to reduce the incidence of cellulite.

So if you’re in a position you can’t change your medication, contraception, or other factors that can change the hormonal balance in your body, then you should look at any other factors that can help you to improve your health and reduce the storage of fact that is causing cellulite.

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