Herniated disc

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Herniated Disc. People with back troubles often wonder why they have them. You may be wondering what you have done to deserve this pain. Probably nothing, but if you can learn the causes of herniated disc, then you can often learn how to avoid it.

One of the causes of herniated disc you can’t, or at least wouldn’t want to avoid is getting older. As you do, the discs that separate your vertebrae go through some changes. The jelly-like substance that fills them begins to dry out. The discs become tougher and less soft than they were. They become more fibrous.

All this means is that the discs don’t offer the same protection to the spinal cord and column as they once did. This is one of the causes of herniated disc because the discs suffer wear and tear that makes them to break down. Sometimes they bulge too much and sometimes they even rupture.

If you are involved in an accident, like a car accident or a work mishap, a herniated disc could be the result. This is because when the discs are jarred together, small cracks and chips occur in them. These imperfections allow the soft material to ooze out toward the spinal cord and possibly pinch some nerves.

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a condition that often precedes herniated disc. It isn’t one of the causes of herniated disc, just a precursor. It is a condition where the person has bone spurs on their vertebrae. The person might also have inflammation around the spinal nerves. This just makes the pain more unbearable if the person does get a herniated disc.

If your job puts you at risk, you may be able to have some impact on whether or not you get a herniated disc. Since lifting or otherwise handling heavy weights can be one of the causes of herniated disc, you can take steps to minimize these tasks. When you do need to lift, you should learn the proper way to lift and do it using a back support belt.

If you are required by your job to sit for long periods of time, it could be one of the causes of herniated disc. You can help to prevent this by getting up and moving around whenever you get a chance. Even if you can’t get up often, you can learn exercises to do in your chair to ease back strain.

The movements of your job may not require lifting, but may be just as damaging to your back. If you have to bend, stretch, or twist, you could be dealing with some of the causes of herniated disc. The best way to deal with this is to request that an ergonomics study of your job be performed if possible. It is your right to ask for reasonable changes.

Anything that weakens the muscles of the back can be one of the causes of herniated disc. This could mean not exercising enough, or exercising too much. If you pull a muscle in your back and baby it too much, you could be setting yourself up to get a herniated disc as the muscles become weaker.

Lifestyle choices are indirect causes of herniated disc. Smoking releases toxins that disrupt the normal functioning of the spinal cord and column. Wearing high heels can put you off balance, make you tense your back muscles, and may cause falls. If you’re overweight, the pressure of holding up a large abdomen will wear on your back. No matter what you are doing, think of how it affects your back.

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