How to set realistic goal for weight loss

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Setting a goal which is realistic for a successful and long lasting weight loss is vitally important. This goal setting includes physical exercise, weight , physiological and diet plan.

Its always easy to start with small and short time goal. First set a goal of losing 1 pound a week. Its very easy and it sounds easy too. Lets take a look at your daily routine and modify it a little bit that doesnt make any big difference with your current lifestyle. For example, if you hardly worked out in the past, lets plan for a 10 minutes walk around your locality. 5 minutes to go and 5 minutes to come back. Start eating a little less carbohydrate and a little more protein with your meal. Also, start keeping a journal or a daily diary just to have short notes about what you are doing. This journal will be very important soon when youll set your larger goal. These types of small changes are easy to follow and soon youll be ready to set bigger goals and youll be completely ready to achieve it.

As soon as you get comfortable with your current changes in lifestyle and youve lost a little weight, congratulate yourself and set another bigger goal. It might be 1.5 to 2 pounds in the next week. Start walking for 20 minutes with higher intensity. Reduce another portion of carbohydrate from your meals. Keep writing notes on your journal. Remember, a smaller success is the best motivation for next bigger successes.

Now that you know how to lose weight and how it works, its the time for a big goal. For this, you need to look at the big picture. The picture where you are the model in your dream shape. Find out the exact healthy weight for you. Then calculate how much time you need to get there. Then make an action plan which included your diet, exercise and record keeping. Start increasing your activity like more walking, gym, shopping, cooking etc. for diet Id suggest you to eat nutritious food that contain nutrition in proper ratio just for you. Again, keep notes along the way.

Do reward yourself for any goal achievement. It may be going to shopping. Buying a little gift for yourself. Just be happy with your success. Just dont reward yourself with pizza or donuts.

Study about BMI or Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage Interpretation more and more. This will help you find the exact pounds you need to lose, exact amount of nutrition you need to consume with your daily meal.

Always, set your goals before action. This practice keeps you alarmed about your actions. Also, not by thinking only, make your plan in writing and also keep your records in writing. This has always been proven to work like magic.

Finally, consult an expert before setting your long term goals. This will eliminate chances of any mistake that might harm your health.

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