Stair lift sales process

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Stair Lift Sales Process. When buying mobility products it is common for reputable companies to send a field sales representative to demonstrate the product.

This is often the best way to experience the products prior to purchase and be guided by a real professional.

With reference to stair lifts, a home visit is often required to complete a survey before an accurate quotation can be given, based on the layout of the stairs.

A qualified sales representative should be an expert in their field and be able to answer any questions about their product.

Tips. Check ID and verify with company on arrival. Ask questions.

Research the company in full e.g. length of trading, insurance held and recommendations from previous customers.

Check feedback on the company via the Internet for any independent customer reviews.

Check features against other manufactures to ensure you are not missing a key benefit e.g. safety features.

Check warrantee and after sales back up e.g. what is the procedure in the event of break down inside and outside warrantee.

Ask about insurance and extended warrantees.

Ask about weight restriction.

Do not except any hard sell tactics.

Buying Pre-owned. Extra caution must be taken if you are buying a Pre-owned Stair lift.

Understand the age of stair lift.

Check that the stair lift is serviceable e.g. are parts still available. If you need a curved stair lift it is much harder to find a second hand solution, as these have normally been built on a bespoke basis.

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