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What Does Siemens Have to Offer?.Siemens, sometimes misspelled as Seimens, is in the business of hearing aids. Having been in the business for more than 100 years (since 1847), it is an unusual name and has most likely suffered through just as many years of spelling mishaps! But while the spelling may confuse you, their hearing aids should not. They have representatives specially trained to help you determine what is best for your needs.

The Siemens company understands how hearing loss can occur due to medication, ear infections gone out of control, head injuries, childhood diseases, and birth defects. Loud noises are often taken lightly and grossly miscalculated risks are taken which wear on a person’s ability to hear properly until one day, they realize it’s time for a hearing aid. Siemens knows the importance of getting evaluated for the proper aid and proper fit, and also the importance of taking care of the needs of children with hearing problems.

Children benefit from Siemens BTE aids because they are more durable. Anyone who has an active child knows how important it is that anything the child must use has to stand up to the rugged lifestyles. Your child shouldn’t be missing out on their chance to enjoy life simply because of limitations imposed by hearing aids that won’t meet their needs properly.

Are you a frequent traveler?. Ask your Siemens (also known in error as Seimens) representative about locations you can stop by for service to your hearing aid. Make a note of the locations for future reference and keep it with your important paperwork. They’re very widespread, operating in Africa, America, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Is your hearing loss conductive?. If so, you’ll need an aid that has the primary function of sending sound through the middle or outer ear. Your hearing should be restored simply by amplified aids, so the analog aids should work well for you. If your hearing loss is associated with aging or has other causes, restoring your hearing could be a bit more complicated. But whatever the type of hearing loss, Siemens (not Seimens) is sure to have the right hearing aid to improve your life.

Siemens offers value Digital, Basic Digital, and Ultimate Digital choices. Their aids offer Auto. Phone features, which is a huge step for hearing aid users who know how inconvenient it can be to try to use a telephone with a hearing aid of the past. The Siemen product families include Triano, Prisma 2, Music Pro, Phoenix Pro. Just the Prisma 2 basic BTE model can run from $1700 and up.

Siemens (Seimens) participates at Trade shows and educational symposiums. They can provide you with an event calendar, support program, website service, and marketing services. Whether you wish to buy a hearing aid, sell one, or just have a program at your school or business about hearing aids and hearing loss, this is a company that should be able to help you out. Some of their charity project partners include the Pangea Foundation, the Line of Safety civic association, and the Children to Children project.

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