Past life regression and pet therapy

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Past Life Regression and Pet Therapy. Some people wonder about past life regression and if it could be helpful to this life or not. They say that all of have a cell memory that goes throughput every life we have ever lived. So maybe, this would be helpful to know why tings are happening at a particular point in time. For instance, if you hate to have tight collars on, it may mean you were hung in a former life. If you are afraid of fire, maybe you were burned in a house fire. There are hundreds of examples.

It can be way too easy to blame everything on a past life. You and your hypnosis person must figure out which is actually a problem for now and which is in th past. That is not always easy to do. The best part of the journey is we can go back home for a little time and see our other “soul” friends. It also gives us an idea of who we used to be and where we came from and where we are going.

Pet therapy can get even the most stubborn patient to smile. Get a big fluffy dog that will go around and entertain the people or just sit with is head in their lap for a pet. They give the patients love and support. The patients will talk to them more readily than a health professional. Pet therapy has become more and more popular especially on children’s wards. The kids are missing their pets back home and this gives them something in place of not being able to see their pet. It also gets them out of their rooms when the animals come to visit. They are up and moving around even when they don’t feel good. It really brightens their day. The animals are usually dogs, but a few cats can be spotted sometimes.

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