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Pilates helps you to condition your body through the various exercises and movements that help to strengthen and tone your muscles.

In addition to adding strength Pilates can also help with flexibility and improve your posture.

Improving flexibility and posture will help you to look younger and to stay younger for longer by helping you to remain active and exercise more often.

Pilates is similar to yoga in some ways as it brings about a balance between the mind and the body and in doing so is highly effective at reducing and eliminating stress.

The movements that are taught in Pilates help to release any blockages in the body and improve the circulation just as can be expected from yoga.

This improvement in the circulation helps to maintain your internal bodily health and improve the tone and texture of your skin.

Unlike some forms of resistance training that can add size albeit quite small to muscles, Pilates can help you to become strong while remaining lean, alternatively helping you to become lean if you’re carrying excess weight.

It can help you to adopt a lot more positive outlook on life with a reduction in stress and this benefits you by making you feel better about yourself and increasing your self-esteem.

It is a suitable form of exercise for people of all ages, and can be of benefit for all levels of fitness.

It is rightly regarded by many people as one of the best forms of overall body fitness and conditioning and this is why so many professional athletes add Pilates training to their regular fitness training.

As we age one of the things that we begin to lose is good posture and Pilates can go a long way to addressing that problem.

Good posture also helps with the energy flow through the body and it is common for people who start doing Pilates to have a lot more energy.

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