How to boost your energy level in the afternoon

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Afternoon! Well I am sure most of you do not like this time of the day. Afternoons are always considered boring to work as you feel tired and lethargic, and you have increasing difficulty staying alert and focused. You must have had this experience in your offices and homes. The energy level that one has in the morning time is not generally seen during the afternoon.

Have you been caught having a short nap in the office, by your boss?. Have you missed an important meeting as you were busy sleeping in the train?. Well if you have had such similar experiences then you need to find ways to stay alert and active during the afternoon time.

Here are a few steps that can help you overcome such a situation.

• Take a walk or get into some type of activity after your lunch break. Even a 15 minute walk can enhance your energy level.

• It would be advisable that you have sufficient water during this part of the day. Less intake of water can lead to dehydration and thereby more sluggishness.

• If you have some important meetings stay away from high fat or high carbohydrates meals.

• If possible try to have a short after noon nap. A brief 15 to 20 minute nap can be a lot effective to raise your energy level.

• You can opt for an afternoon snack. Low blood sugar can result in lack of energy level and reduce your concentrating ability. Avoid having snack that is high in sugar.

• If possible get a seated massage. Massage helps stimulate blood flow, relieves tension and raises your energy level.

• Eat or drink something that has caffeine in it. Food stuffs that contain caffeine are colas, coffee, chocolates, mints and also some brands of bottled water.

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