The next level the new p90x plus

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The Next Level – The P90X Plus. After taking the exercise world by storm, the P90X program is now ready to be superseded by another extreme fitness program that is more intense, the P90X Plus.

Basically, the P90X Plus is an extremely intense extension to the P90X fitness program.

According to its blurbs, it promises to increase your strength and fitness to another extreme level.

One caveat: the P90X Plus is designed exclusively only for those who have completed Tony Horton’s P90X program.

• P90X graduates only. The new and extremely intense workout P90X Plus is specially designed for those who had completed the P90X program and are now ready for the next level. Those who have not done or completed the P90X fitness program are discouraged to try.

As with any other exercise program, it is a good policy to first check with your doctor before starting the P90X Plus workout.

• What’s new?.The P90X Plus, as per their manufacturers, takes your fitness and strength to the next level by offering a well-rounded routine that again targets your entire body. There will be five new workouts that will be part of the routine designed to work on specific body areas – cardio, muscles and abs/core.

• The routines. The five routines of P90X Plus will provide a more effective cardio workout by bringing your heart rate up and down with three different speeds. This will give the most dramatic body changes in the shortest time period.

The new cardio has new moves to build stamina and balance. The total body, with emphasis on the upper body, will be exposed to extremely intense moves to get the corresponding muscles pumped up.

The abs/core will also be exposed as well. There will be four different positions that are way more advanced. They are designed to give you a stronger core.

Tony Horton will be there to give his own brand of coaching style, one that keeps you motivated to keep going even when you feel like stopping.

The sets are longer, but the time is compressed. The music, designed by Chicago’s Jason Scheff is very motivational. (Ask anybody who does exercise with music.) It can truly guide you to do the last repetitions even when you start to get tired.

• Recommendations. The new P90X Plus is highly recommended to all P90X fitness enthusiasts who are now ready to go to the next level. As promised, the moves and cardio are more intense, offering you more challenges and giving you chances to be surprised at what lengths your body can go into.

The many bonuses you can receive are also very helpful. You can receive a fitness guide that will help integrate the new P90X Plus workout into your P90X training program. (Of course, the online community is there to lend help and keep you motivated.)• Caution. One important reminder worth repeating – this fitness program is NOT for beginners. It is necessary that you have completed the P90X first. This is to ensure that your body is ready to handle the intensity of this new fitness program.

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