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Lower Back Pain Relief. For the longest time, my mother was in a great amount of pain. Her doctor tried everything he could think of to help her find lower back pain relief. As this went on, my brothers and I became more and more uncomfortable. We wondered why her doctor was not recommending her for surgery when it was apparent that nothing else was going to help. When we finally talked her into seeing another doctor we found out that her current doctor had no intentions of ever sending her for surgery.

This doctor convinced my mother that her lower back pain relief could only come from medications. He had her on so many medications that the new doctor said she was akin to a junkie. Though this hurt my mother’s feelings, he assured her that it was not her fault. When you are in a lot of pain, you will do anything you can for lower back pain relief. He gave her a plan to get off most of her medications, and told her to come back and see him in three months.

Though coming off some of the lower back pain relief medication her first doctor had prescribed was hard, she did. My mother was tired of being in pain and she wanted to do anything she could to get rid of that pain. The new doctor told her that lower back pain relief was something that a lot of people worry about, and in her case, surgery was the only answer. Many of her vertebrae in her lower back had crumbled, and there was no amount of medication that was going to relieve that pain. If she didn’t get an operation, she would have been in a wheelchair within a matter of five years.

Since that time, my mother has found lower back pain relief through surgery. She is much better now, and is only on a few medications. She has been more active than she has been in a long time, and the number of times she has to reach for medication for lower back pain relief has dwindled to almost zero. I cry when I think about how much pain my mother was in for so long, and I wish I could find a way to punish her first doctor. I think it’s a shame that such a man could fill my mother with pills without filling her with hope. My only guess would be that he is either highly incompetent, or he was relying on the insurance money each visit produced. In any case, he may want to look the other way the next time he sees me.

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