My crest spinbrush

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The Crest Spinbrush was my first electric toothbrush. It is not as advanced as other electric toothbrushes out there but it does the job. It has the most basic of features – no frills such as timers and blinking lights. It does not even have a rechargeable battery pack. Ask yourself though what do you really need from an electric toothbrush?.

The Crest Spinbrush is a very practical, solid electric toothbrush. It is not too heavy and is comfortable in the hand. The power button is right in the middle of the thick handle and slides up and down, locking well into place. The toothbrush head is shaped like a tear drop and is divided into two parts. It is the circular upper part that rotates. This is great because it reaches into the far corners of your mouth to clean the hard-to-reach teeth and gums. Since the head rotates, there is no need for you to agonize over trying to manually brush so far back.

The brush doesn’t come with a case for traveling but it does have a clear hard plastic cover for the head. If the brush is to be used mainly at home then the cover will be adequate. If you plan to lug it around during trips, you should place it in some other protective case as the head cover is easily removed.

When the brush bristles start to fray, you do not have to throw the whole gadget away. Head replacements are easy to come by. It is just as easy to take them off as well. All you need to do is twist the head firmly.

The Crest Spinbrush does not have a rechargeable battery pack. All you need are two size AA batteries and you are ready to go. The battery compartment is at the bottom of the handle. That’s what actually makes the toothbrush stand up on its end – given that you have batteries inside of course. This is another great thing about the Spinbrush. The battery compartment is very watertight and does not let water in, thus preserving the battery life.

When it comes to cleaning the teeth, the Spinbrush really does the job. Stains on the teeth that may be caused by build up from drinking too much coffee and smoking are not a problem. Of course it would be wise to use good quality toothpaste with your Spinbrush.

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