Glyconutrients a new paradigm

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For many years carbohydrates and sugars were considered a bad and unnecessary addition to the diet. With the advent of Glycobiology (the study of carbohydrates) Science has proved that this is not so. In fact on the contrary, Glyconutrients have been proved to be very beneficial to our health. Now after years of neglect science is discovering some far-reaching truths about these carbohydrates.

Glyconutrients play an essential role in the structure of the cells in our bodies. All our cells are covered with fibers called glycoforms made up of proteins and fats. With the invention of the electron microscope, Scientists discovered trillions of sugar molecules adhering to these fibers or hair like structures. These sugar molecules are Glyconutrients and are in effect carbohydrate nutrients.

Contrary to previous speculation Glyconutrients are emerging as vital nutrients to the body. Their functions are varied and include hormone balance, enhancing our immune system, blood clotting. They help to create a communication system for the cells.

There are 8 necessary saccharides needed by our bodies they are called Glyconutrients.

• Mannose.

• Glucose.

• Galactose.

• Xylose:.

• Fuctos (not fructose).

• N-acetylglucosamine.

• N-acetylneuramic acid.

• N-acetylgalactosamine.

They can be found naturally in a few foods. So why is there a need for us to take these Glyconutrients?. Although they are found in these natural foods, and sometimes even manufactured by the body, Glyconutrients are sometimes lacking in our bodies. This is because stress, environmental factors and just poor eating habits cause us to get less of these vital nutrients, thus causing a deficiency in our bodies. Further many glyconutrients can be denatured by picking produce green or may have never developed in a plant because of toxins(such as fertilizer) in the environment.

In order to restore the balance of these Glyconutrients to the body, supplements have been made. When taken they ensure that your body is receiving adequate amounts of these vital nutrients. This improves your immune system and the general health of your body resulting in better health and the ability to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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