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Bone Density.

As we age the density of our bones changes.

They become more brittle and many people develop bone related problems such as osteoporosis.

Good nutrition and regular exercise can help to reduce these problems and maintain bone density.

One of the most important dietary needs to ensure that you maintain bone density is to make sure that you get enough calcium in your diet.

It might be that you’re not getting sufficient calcium in the food that you eat and you will require calcium supplements to ensure that your bones stay strong and healthy.

If you consider this to be a problem then consult with your doctor as a reduction in bone density can also lead to other problems with your bones including arthritis and weakening of the joints.

Any form of resistance training will help strengthen your bones, with weightlifting in particular, provided you get good advice from a qualified instructor, being one of the best methods to maintain bone strength.

Woman in particular need to ensure that they are getting enough calcium in their diet as they are more susceptible to calcium deficiencies than men.

In addition to this, men are more likely to be doing some form of resistance training later in life than women, so they are not nearly as likely to have the same amount of bone trouble as they age.

Broken bones are a major problem for elderly people as they become less steady with age and are more susceptible injury from falls.

Dairy products are good sources of calcium in the diet yet surprisingly many women don’t like to consume dairy products.

In these circumstances supplementation will be the best solution and it is probably a wise decision to see a specialist and find out how much supplements are required.

There are tests that can be done to check bone density and the very best method of determining whether you have enough calcium in your system is to get a hair sample analysis.

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