Rules for reiki part two

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Rules for Reiki, Part Two. You must learn to trust yourself when you start your practice of Reiki. Use your intuition to help you know where to go on the body and what you need to do. Don’t question what you are doing, know that you are being guided by what is best for the patient. It doesn’t have to make sense, you just need to do what feels appropriate and comfortable t you.

There are many books out there that cover hand positions and symbols and have many strict rules in them. Reiki doesn’t have to be strict in its approach. It is the intent of the practitioner that controls the Reiki. Most practitioners only want to help the patient feel better. The different hand positions are useful but sometimes are not needed when we are in the moment and being guided by our own intuition. If something feels right, then it probably is. There is no wrong way to use Reiki.

Commit yourself to your practice and keep up with your daily self healing sessions. As with most things, whatever you put into Reiki is what you will get out of it. So practice everyday to keep the energy flowing abundantly. After a couple of weeks, if you miss a treatment, you will find yourself missing the free flowing energy.

Some practitioners take right off and seem to get everything and do everything right. Some have t try a little harder. Just don’t try too hard. In many sessions, even when you are feeling like there is no Reiki and nothing is happening, the patient will speak up and tell you that they feel where you have been. Trust your abilites. If you start second guessing and worrying, the Reiki will get blocked. So do what comes natural, even if you don’t feel anything and see how the patient perceives it instead.

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