Pegs not be constipated

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Constipation in some ways has become the front of many jokes, but in reality it is more serious than that. Consitipation can be extremely painful, and in some cases can result in bowel obstruction, which is not something that anyone wants to get into it. Still laughing?.

For a quick definition: “Constipation is a condition of the digestive system where a person (or other animal) experiences hard feces that is difficult to eliminate”.

In most cases treatment is done by simply changing the dietary habits of the individual who is affected. Sometimes other methods such as the use of laxatives, enemas and in really rare cases surgery is necessary to relieve the situation. “Common constipation” makes the stool hard and difficult to void, which can create further complications with strain. Straining the stool can cause hemorrhoids and anal fissures which is another issue. It isn’t unusual in these cases for the abdomen to become distended and diffusely tender and crampy, which can result in increased bowel sounds (just when you thought it wasn’t going to get any worse).

Many people will walk around telling you that you should be having at least one bowel movement a day. this is untrue and it can be perfectly normal to have one bowel movement a week provided that their is no unusual symptoms associated with this movement. This depends all on how much or little you eat, and also the rate at which your body is processing food among other factors.

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