Saline or silicone

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Saline or Silicone. For those who do not know, saline implants are just empty shells. You’ll want to keep in mind that they are surgically placed into the breast and then they are pumped with a salt water solution. You will find that this will help you to place the implant better, but the incision can be very small too. You’ll want to keep in mind that the smaller the incision, the smaller the scar. You will want to keep in mind that a larger incision like for a silicone implant will only make a larger scar.

Saline implants are just empty shells. They’re surgically placed then filled with a salt-water solution. Since this implant is so small when it’s placed, the incision can also be quite small. This small incision leaves a much smaller scar. The silicone implant is a cover or envelope containing a silicone substance. This implant requires a larger incision for placement.

In the United States you will find that there are many restrictions on silicone implants. You’ll need to know the restrictions and you’ll also want to think about how common they are for American surgeries. You’ll notice that saline implants can give you quality results, but you’ll also find that there are more cosmetic issues to think about. If you have thin tissue you may end up having a wrinkling or ripple.

Rippling and wrinkling of the implant may be seen. You may even be able to notice that there is an implant by either sight or touch. Women with more breast tissue don’t generally have this issue. It’s for this reason that most surgeons prefer the silicone implant for post-mastectomy reconstruction.

When it comes to using implants, you’ll find that silicone implants are more used outside of the states then Saline is. You’ll want to consider that they simple more realistic in appearance and in touch. You’ll need to keep in mind that that there are many healthy concerns to have when it comes to a leaking silicone. You may have a reason for concern and also a reason to go out and do some of your own research, because you don’t want to put yourself at serious risk.

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