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Hair Removal.

Recent trends have seen an increase in the popularity of the removal of hair from virtually the whole of the body from the neck down.

There are several different ways of removing hair.

A quick easy and affordable way to temporarily get rid of hair is by shaving.

It only takes a few minutes while having a shower to shave your legs and for this reason shaving will always remain one of the most popular methods of hair removal.

To assist with shaving, warm water will help soften the hair and make shaving easier.

Using a shaving cream or soapy water will also help and in doing so reduce the risk of razor rash.

For people with sensitive skin shaving can cause scratches itching and reactions.

By shaving against the growth of the hair you will get a smoother finish unless of course you have very sensitive skin were shaving in the same direction as the hair will be less irritating.

Depilatory hair removal creams contain ingredients that help to melt the hair.

Because of the way these creams melt hair away there is less chance of a rash when it grows back than it would be from shaving, which leaves the individual hairs with a blunt edge.

The biggest problem with these creams is the fact that you have to wait for 10 minutes or so for cream to work.

Waxing is another popular form of hair removal, where liquid wax is spread over the skin and pulled away bringing the hair follicles with.

Waxing can cause damage to the hair follicles and this can promote ingrown hair.

Many more people are using laser treatment these days to permanently get rid of hair.

Laser hair treatment usually requires a few treatments over a series of weeks.

With some people the hair can grow back, but in most instances, the hair removal is permanent.

Electrolysis will also remove hair by directing electrical pulses into the hair follicles and inhibiting growth.

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