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Eating Healthy On Vacation. It can be very tempting to abandon your good senseof healthy eating on vacation. Although you maystrive for healthy eating, it’s easy to drift offand grab an ice cream cone here and there. Thereare however, ways to watch what you eat onvacation.

It’s easier than ever these days to request a lowfat or vegetarian meal on airplane flights. Ifyou choose to instead drive to your destination,the quest to find healthy food can get a bit morecomplicated.

Rather than simply relying on greasy foods fornutrition, pack some nutritious foods in a coolerfull of ice packs. Fruits and vegetables, crackers,yogurt, and sandwiches are all great to have withyou on the road.

Once you arrive at your hotel, you should doyourself a favor and turn the minibar key down – asthis helps to avoid the temptation. If your hoteloffers a continental breakfast, stick to fruits,cereals, and proteins. If your hotel has a stoveor microwave, consider bringing your own healthyfood with you.

If you simply must eat out, do so only when youare hungry. Restaurants will usually serve largeportions, so be careful. If you do go a bit overon a meal, simply cut back on the next.

If you find it hard to fit in three square mealsa day, try to fit in six smaller meals or snacks,as your body needs fuel every four hours or so.

When you eat out, avoid appetizers. Whatever youdo, do not miss any meals.

When it’s possible, you should avoid eating largemeals at night. When your body gets ready forsleep and slows down, it also burns calories at amuch slower pace. Never eat bread before bed, andmake sure to avoid the butter. Choose fish orpoultry for your meal instead, and includevegetables as a side dish.

Even though it may sound hard, eating healthy onvacation isn’t really that difficult. All you haveto do is use a little will power, and pass upfoods that you know aren’t good for you. Thisway, you’ll enjoy healthy eating and a healthylifestyle wherever you go.

The next time you go on a vacation, always rememberthat eating healthy is a way of life. You canafford to get something you crave, although youshouldn’t make a habit of it. One ice creamcone or a pizza isn’t going to matter – as long asyou know when to stop.

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