What is noni and how will it benefit me

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Used for centuries in Polynesia as a cure-all, Noni is known to be effective for natural pain management. It may be used daily as a tonic, or, as required for muscle pain or spasms.

Noni has been used internationally to assist with stomach ulcers, PMS, menstrual cramps, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, skin disorders, senility, indigestion, asthma, depression, diabetes, enlarged prostate, strokes, etc.

In recent years scientific studies have shown Noni to be an extraordinary supplement for promoting optimum health. Common conditions associated with Western lifestyle and diet problems with circulation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels appear to be normalized by a regular intake of Noni.

Many people have experienced improved flexibility in their limbs and notice a reduction in the painful swelling of hands, ankle, feet, elbows and shoulders. Many of those suffering from niggling backache report Noni provides flexibility and relief, enabling them to enjoy life more fully.


• Lower High Blood Pressure.

• Reduce Arthritis Symptoms/Pain.

• Enhance Cellular Health.

• Inhibits pre cancer function and growth of cancer tumors.

• Strengthen Immune System.

• Increases body energy.

• Acts as anti inflammatory and anti histaminic agent.

• Alleviates Pain.

• Has antibacterial properties that can protect against digestive and heart damage.

• Promote General Health.

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